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What exactly is a Wetroom you may ask!

All over Europe and especially in the Mediterranean, wetrooms have been the norm for many years it's just that they never had a special name for them. So in the bathroom of a typical Italian house you will find a tiled floor on one level with a shower drain in the corner and maybe a glass screen The area around the drain would have a slope. The sub floor was probably made of concrete.

For many years in the Uk, due to our building tradition of timber floors it was almost impossible to lay ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Let's be honest, like me you were probably brought up in a house with a bath or old fasioned shower tray and a vinyl floor.

Those days are gone

Firstly and thanks to advanced foam products, a wetroom or a level access shower without a step up is possible on a British wooden floor.

All our Wetroomstop shower bases are produced from XPS foam, covered both sides with a cememtous coating and a reinforcing net. This beauty of these products is that they are extremely strong but also flexible enough to absorb movements in a British wooden floor.

Secondly, a wetroom must be watertight. Water must not be allowed to penetrate into the sub floor and that is why waterproofing is key to success. Our tanking sets mean that all joints are sealed and water has nowhere to go except down the drain.