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    Wetroomstop Flexi Shower Base 900mm x 1500mm x 30mm With 600mm Side Linear drain

    £314.13 £523.55

    The 900 mm x 1500 mm shower base is 30 mm thick before tiling. Designed for level access showers without a step up. The shower base is produced from XPS foam and covered on both sides by a cementous coating and a reinforcing net. This surface is ready to tile onto. It's light yet flexible enough to absorb movement within the structural floor. 

    The shower base comes with a pre-made fall from each corner to the drain thus helping the tiler. XPS foam has great acoustic properties and therefore is especially useful in the UK when you can generally here what's going on upstairs! It can be easily cut if necessary, say around pipes or other obstacles. The maximum height for this drain is 14mm. The beauty of these trays is the drain body is plastic. This enables the installer to drill the hole for the trap  avoiding any collision with a floor joist.