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Expert Advice For A Perfect Shower Tray Fitting

Expert Advice for a Perfect Shower Tray Fitting

A beautifully fitted shower tray is the foundation of a luxurious and functional shower. Whether you're renovating your entire bathroom, designing your dream wet room, or simply replacing an older, outdated shower tray, getting the installation right is crucial. Incorrect fitting can lead to frustrating leaks or even water damage. 

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How To Transform Your Bathroom With A Wet Room

How To Transform Your Bathroom with a Wet Room

Wet rooms are a fantastic way to elevate your bathroom, offering a sleek design, open space, and level floor. However, a successful wet room installation requires good planning and attention to detail. 

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Protect Your Bathroom From Moisture Damage With Waterproofing Matting

Protect Your Bathroom from Moisture Damage with Waterproofing Matting

Bathrooms are notoriously damp places. From showers to baths, sinks to steam, they're constantly awash with water. It's great for getting clean, but moisture, if not carefully controlled, can spell disaster for your bathroom. This excess moisture can damage surfaces, and in extreme cases, even cause structural issues. 

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Don't Let Drain Problems Drain You: How To Troubleshoot Common Shower Tray Drain Issues

Don't Let Drain Problems Drain You: How to Troubleshoot Common Shower Tray Drain Issues

A relaxing shower is a staple of modern life, but there's nothing quite as frustrating as a faulty shower tray drain. Standing water, slow drainage, and odd gurgling sounds are sure signs you've got a problem on your hands. 

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Get The Perfect Fit: A Guide To Shower Tray Sizes For Walk - In Showers

Get the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Shower Tray Sizes for Walk-In Showers

If you are looking for the contemporary elegance and accessibility of a walk-in shower, it all starts with finding the right-sized shower tray. Walk-in showers are the stars of modern bathrooms—spacious, luxurious, and oh-so-stylish. However, selecting the ideal shower tray can seem like a puzzle when faced with all those measurements.

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Installing A Wet Room Shower Tray On A Concrete Floor: A Step - By - Step Guide

Installing a Wet Room Shower Tray on a Concrete Floor: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're planning to install a wet room shower tray on a concrete floor, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect. But fear not! With the right preparation and guidance, it's a project that most competent DIYers can tackle. 

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What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Wet Room

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Wet Room?

Installing a wet room can completely transform your bathroom, offering a stylish, luxurious, and practical solution. If you're considering a new wet room, cost will likely be top of mind. Expenses can vary widely depending on the size, layout, and specifications you choose, in addition to whether you’re buying the components separately, or as part of a wet room kit.

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The Importance Of Shower Backer Boards

The Importance of Shower Backer Boards

By their very nature, bathrooms are places prone to high moisture levels. Even with good ventilation, a shower creates a humid environment that can wreak havoc over time if the right materials aren't used. 

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Staying Safe In Your Wet Room: The Benefits Of Non - Slip Shower Trays

Staying Safe in Your Wet Room: The Benefits of Non-Slip Shower Trays

Installing a wet room with an open shower area can be a brilliant way to create a stylish, accessible, and easy-to-maintain bathroom. However, as the entire floor becomes the shower area, there is an increased risk of slips and falls.

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Choosing The Right Shower With A Door: Factors To Consider

Choosing the Right Shower with a Door: Factors to Consider

Installing a shower enclosure can be an exciting part of your bathroom design or renovation project. With so many options to choose from, it's important to select the right shower with a door to suit your needs, space, and budget. 

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