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What are Dowel Fixings?

Dowel fixings are wet room accessories that are used to secure tiles to surfaces. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to match your wet room design. Dowel fixings are also easy to install, clean, and provide a secure hold for your tiles, making them a great option for wet room tile installation.

How do you Use Dowel Fixings?

Dowel fixings are easy to use and they provide a strong hold. They also allow for some movement, which is important in wet rooms where the temperature and humidity can fluctuate.

To use dowel fixings, simply drill a hole in the wet room board and then tap the dowel into place. Once the dowel is in place, you can screw it into the wall.

You will then need to use wet room sealant around the edges of the wet room board to make sure that it is waterproof.

What are Drywall Screws?

One of the most important wet room accessories is the drywall screw. These screws are used to secure the boards to the wall, and they provide a strong hold that can withstand wet conditions. They also have a sharp point that penetrates through tile easily, making them ideal for use with Tilepal boards.

What are Steel Washers Designed to Do?

Washers are designed to create a water-tight seal between the board and the wall to ensure that your wet room stays wet. Stainless steel washers are recommended for use with Tilepal boards and are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

When choosing a washer, be sure to select one that is the same size as the board. This will create a snug fit and ensure that the board is securely attached to the wall.

How do you Install Steel Washers?

Washers are easy to install. Simply wet the washer and place it on the board. Then, screw the board into place. The washer will compress as you screw the board into place, creating a water-tight seal.

Be sure to check the washers periodically to ensure that they are still in place and not worn out. This will help prevent leaks in your wet room.


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