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Wet Room Kits
Do you sell the waterproof liquid separately. If so how much would 5 litres cost?

No we do not currently sell the waterproofing liquid separately. You can purchase an additional tanking kit if you wish. It comes with 4 kg of lastogum, 1L of primer, 10m of sealing tape, 2 internal corners, and 2 pipe collars

Hi I am looking to fit a wet room and the dimensions I have are 1000 wide by 800 deep. I am struggling to find a tray that size with a centre drain. Can I cut down a 1200 by 800 reducing the 1200 to a thousand and simply allow for a packer (full s . . .

You can trim down a tray to fit those dimensions, however an Quadra Offset tray has the  drain 450mm from the short end of the tray. Which means that your drain will still not be directly in the centre of the tray. The best solution would be a bespoke tray in this case. If thats something you would be interested in please contact our customer service representatives and they will gladly assist in ordering a bespoke tray.

What is the flow capacity for the shower drain

The flow rate of the Dallmer type 48 KE shower trap is 40.82L/min

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Wet Room Maintenance
How Easy Is It To Clean A Wet Room?

Do Wet Rooms Require Much Maintenance?

Can I Install Underfloor Heating in a Wet Room?

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Linear Drain FAQs
What Type Of Drain Is Best For A Wet Room?

How Do Linear Drains Work?

How To Install Linear Shower Drains?

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Wet Room Flooring
What Are Wet Room Floors Made Of?

Hi. Our previous builder painted our concrete wet room floor with grey anti-slip paint which has subsequently begun to flake and peel to expose the old white floor underneath. I’ve read up and it seems he should have used a primer first. Do I no . . .

Yes you would need to remove all the existing paint in order to expose the surface that you want to prime.

Can You Use Lino In A Wetroom?

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Wet Room Sealing Materials
How To Use Jointing Tape?

What's The Difference Between Tanking Tape & Normal Tape?

How To Correctly lay down Tanking Tape?

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Wet Room Mobility
Are Wet Rooms Disability-Friendly?

Were do u install both pipe collars that are provided in tanking kit?

The pipe collars provided with our tanking kits are to be used if you have water pipes sticking out of the wall for your shower valve. They are optional and only need to be used if required.

Are Wet Rooms Suitable For The Elderly?

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Wet Room Shower Trays
Do I Need A Shower Tray For A Wetroom?

I have a 1300x700 area which I want to fit a wet room shower tray. Am I able to buy a 1400x900 off yourselves and cut to fit?

Hello Luke,

Thank you for your message.

I can confirm that our trays are trimmable and there are several options for your 1300 x 700 shower area. 

We can manufacture a bespoke tray to match that size exactly. It would take about 10 days and would have higher price but it wouldn't need any extra materials or effort,

  • 900 x 1400 tray with central drain, so you can cut it down to size symmetrically,
  • 800 x 1200 tray, cutting down to size the 800 mm dimension and extending 1200 to 1300 using tile backer boards, which are made of similar material to what the tray is made of.
  • If you can afford waiting, in my opinion it would be the best idea to go for a custom size wet room tray. 

In case of any other questions I will be happy to assist. 

Kind regards

Chris 020 8145 4804

What Is A Wetroom Tray?

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