Wetroomstop Sealing Set for 3 square metre coverage

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The set contains:
4kg of PCI Lastogum
1 litre of primer
10 metres of sealing tape
2 pipe collars
2 sealing tape sealing corners

Please read the instructions in the set.   
Waterproofing is key, so don't economise here. PCI Lastogum is well known by professionals in the industry. That's why every year we sell almost 10,000 waterproofing sets. It is extremely fast drying and therefore the tilers don't have to waste time waiting days for drying! The primer will help to increase adhesion on poor surfaces. The tape is for securing all corners and joints along with the pre-made corners. The two pipe collars are to secure around the hot and cold pipes that pass through the wall to the shower control.
If you bathroom or your wet area is bigger than 3 square metres, you can additionally purchase all the components of the set individually. So if you have a bathroom of 5 to 6 square metres, you can purchase the set plus an extra 4kg of Lastogum. We will be happy to advise you on the phone.   
Wetroomstop Sealing Set components can also be bought individually. We also stock the Sealing Set components in larger quantities for professionals who often prepare wetrooms. 4kg of PCI Lastogum PCI Lastogum is recognised by professionals as the best in the business. It's fast drying time is 90 minutes means that little time is lost waiting for it to dry.
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    Do you sell the waterproof liquid separately. If so how much would 5 litres cost?

    No we do not currently sell the waterproofing liquid separately. You can purchase an additional tanking kit if you wish. It comes with 4 kg of lastogum, 1L of primer, 10m of sealing tape, 2 internal corners, and 2 pipe collars

6 Reviews

Good kit not fitted yet but is well made

Bought it for our new bathroom, excellent product with everything you need, very easy to apply with very clear instructions. Well worth the money.

so far so good quality product and service

delivered next day, everything ok

good stuff
this product did exactly as it said. Excellent would use again

To my bathroom
Very easy to apply with very clear instructions, everything you need. Quite expensive but excellent customer service.

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