Sealing Materials

Wetroomstop offers a complete range of sealing materials, including tanking tape, sealing tape, waterproof primer and PCI Lastogum to help protect your property and install your wet room correctly.

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What's The Difference Between Tanking Tape & Normal Tape?

Tanking tape is waterproof, preventing moisture from passing through the tape completely. Normal tape may have some waterproof capacity, but it will quickly become damaged or unstuck if kept in an area of high moisture. Tanking tape is specifically designed to prevent the passage of moisture, including flowing water and steam.

How To Correctly Apply Tanking Tape?

When applying tanking tape, you need to ensure you press firmly on the tape to completely cover the join. Start by pressing down firmly at one end, before moving down the tape to ensure it is completely waterproof.

Does Waterproof Tape Actually Work?

Yes, waterproof tape does work. Jointing or tanking tape are the most reliable kinds of waterproof or watertight tape. Some outdoor tapes will claim to be waterproof, but often fall apart or become unstuck in wet weather.