Wet Room Shower Tray 900 x 1400 mm Vinyl Bubbles

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The WetroomStop Linear Clamp Tray 900 x 1400 mm, available in 3 thicknesses, is a is a wet room tray for vinyl floors. It comes with an integrated drain that has a clamping mechanism which allows it to secure the edges of the vinyl sheet around the drain.

The tray is made of XPS foam, which is lightweight but durable and offers insulation properties. It is reinforced with fibreglass mesh and cement based glue from both sides. It also has a waterproof membrane on the top side for added protection.The tray can also be trimmed down if required to fit a specific dimension.

The tray comes as a complete set, with a brushed stainless steel cover that is available in a variety of styles. A McAlpine HC26-50 waste trap with 1.5’’ size outlet, and the optional WetroomStop Waterproofing Kit.

This WetroomStop Linear Clamp Tray 900 x 1400 mm offers similar benefits to its smaller counterparts, whilst allowing you to have a wider entrance. It can be used wall to wall in smaller rooms or placed in larger rooms with a large portion of the floor being sloped toward the drain. This gives you the piece of mind that there will not be any standing water on your surrounding floor area after use.

Tray size:
Floor Finish
Drain Cover
  • Line
Waste Trap
Product Code TLV914B
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The benefits of this tray are:

  • a 100% waterproof seal,
  • High acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Ideal for a vinyl floor covering. Integrated drain is a clamp type, which features a mechanical locking system, allowing the edges of the vinyl being clamped and protected.
  • The tray can be easily trimmed, we recommend keeping the symmetry of the tray in mind when cutting it down to fit.
  • The drain channel is located centred on the tray, parallel to the shorter edge.
  • The Drain body is integrated into the tray during the manufacturing process
  • The tray is reinforced with a fibreglass mesh and coated with flexible cement. The top side of the tray is covered with non-woven fabric, resistant to cracking of the substrate, ensuring the entire tray is waterproof.
  • The tray has a prefabricated appropriate slope (1-2%), CNC machine cut 4 way slope formed from each side to the drain.
  • It is lightweight but very strong. Durable enough for a vinyl floor covering installation.
  • Can be installed on timber or concrete floors.
  • When it is used on timber floors, the floor must be underboarded with a min. 18mm thick ply after floor boards have been removed
  • Safe to use with underfloor heating systems,Thin underfloor heating can be installed on top of the tray, but limits the thickness of material installed on top of the tray. Due to insulation properties, the warming effect will be restricted if the heating is installed under the tray

Data sheet

1400mm x 900mm
20 mm · 28 mm · 35 mm
Channel length
XPS Foam Sheet
Cementous glue & waterproofing membrane fabric
4-way 2% towards the drain
For Vinyl
    Were do u install both pipe collars that are provided in tanking kit?

    The pipe collars provided with our tanking kits are to be used if you have water pipes sticking out of the wall for your shower valve. They are optional and only need to be used if required.

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