What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Wet Room

Installing a wet room can completely transform your bathroom, offering a stylish, luxurious, and practical solution. If you're considering a new wet room, cost will likely be top of mind. Expenses can vary widely depending on the size, layout, and specifications you choose, in addition to whether you’re buying the components separately, or as part of a wet room kit.

Read on as we break down the key elements that can shape your wet room budget, helping you make smart decisions for your project.

Room Size

The size of your planned wet room is the primary cost driver. Since labour and material costs are based on square footage, a larger wet room naturally means a higher price. Even a small difference of a few square metres can add hundreds to the bill.

Consider rearranging your existing bathroom fixtures to separate wet and dry areas. This smart use of space can help you create a smaller, more budget-friendly wet room. Remember, every square metre that needs waterproofing and drainage drives up the cost.

Room Layout and Complexity

Your wet room's layout and configuration also affect the cost. Simple, square rooms are the easiest (and cheapest) to convert. The quirkier the space, the more creative the solutions need to be, leading to increased labour costs. This is especially common in older UK homes.

Common complexities that add to project expenses include:

  • Alcove showers or shower recesses

  • Odd protrusions like chimney breasts or low ceiling beams

  • Staircases or sunken sections


Preparation Work Required

Costs start adding up even before installation begins. Keep in mind that preparing your space for the wet room could include expenses like:

  • Removing old fixtures: Clearing out your existing shower or bath involves labour and potential disposal fees.

  • Reinforcing the floor: Ensuring the floor can handle the weight of a wet room's features and slope for drainage sometimes means additional support.

  • Levelling: If your floor isn't level, levelling compounds or additional work might be needed to create the proper base for a wet room.


Thorough waterproofing is absolutely vital in a wet room to prevent leaks and moisture damage in both your bathroom and adjoining rooms. Tanking costs depend on the system you choose and the area you need to seal.

For maximum protection, tank the entire room – floor to ceiling – instead of just the shower area. This creates a seamless barrier and safeguards potential leak points. Premium tanking kits with reinforced membranes offer greater reliability but cost more than basic surface-applied options.


An efficient, aesthetically pleasing floor drain is needed to quickly whisk water away. Simple, plastic models start cheaper but may not match your desired look. Stylish and durable stainless steel and tile-inset drains raise prices but complement modern designs better. 

Paying extra for an ultra-low profile linear drain that sits flush with the floor is also popular for smooth entry/exit and easier cleaning. 


When it comes to flooring, there is a broad spectrum of options, varying considerably in price. It’s essential to choose floors that are waterproof, durable, slip-resistant, and quick to dry.

  • The classic: Tiling is a common wet room choice, but it comes with higher costs due to adhesive, grout, and labour costs.

  • Budget-friendly alternatives: Consider composite waterproof panels or anti-slip vinyl. These offer great value and can mimic the look of stone, wood, or concrete.

Wall Finishes

As with flooring, wall choices like tiling can also add significantly to your costs. If your heart is set on tiles, using them selectively rather than floor-to-ceiling helps control expenses. 

Purpose-made waterproof wall panels are simpler, cheaper wet room wall solutions to consider. Their tongue-and-groove or clip-together design speeds up fitting compared to tiling. Another option is to tank your existing walls and then apply moisture-resistant paint or plaster skim for a budget-friendly finish. 

Fixtures and Fittings

Your choice of fixtures, furniture, and accessories will enhance both the function and look of your wet room. Naturally, luxurious, high-tech options will drive up the price. Prioritise the features you truly need over ‘nice-to-haves’ to stay within your budget.

Here's where costs can vary depending on your choices:

  • Shower: Frameless glass shower enclosures, rain showerheads, and body jets are premium features compared to simpler framed showers and standard shower heads.

  • Basin: Vessel sinks or designer units will cost more than standard under-counter basins.

  • Toilet: Wall-hung or concealed cistern toilets are pricier than close-coupled models.

  • Underfloor heating: Highly desirable for wet rooms, heated floors add comfort but also add to your expenses in terms of materials, labour, and running costs.

  • Accessories: Heated towel rails, grab bars, and designer storage niches come at various price points.

Fortunately, there's a wide range of stylish, functional options at mid-range prices. If your budget is tight, remember you can always upgrade certain elements later.

Professional Installation

Certain tasks could be possible to DIY if you're experienced. However, essential elements like tanking and shower installation are often best left to professionals. Experts ensure correct waterproofing, gradients, drainage, and finish so your wet room functions reliably for decades. This investment pays dividends in room quality and avoids expensive problems later.

Don't overlook the fees of additional professionals and tradespeople. For example, you may need professionals for:

  • Initial design advice

  • Building regulation drawings/approvals

  • Asbestos checks

  • Post-install certification and testing

Planning for the Unexpected

As with any renovation project, unexpected issues can arise that add to your budget. It's wise to factor in a contingency to cover potential hiccups like:

  • Hidden water damage and mould remediation

  • Plumbing rerouting

  • Electrical upgrades

  • Floor levelling

  • Asbestos removal

Achieve Affordable Luxury with Wetroomstop

Many variables play a role in determining the total cost of a wet room installation. The good news is that with adequate planning and budgeting, stunning wet rooms don’t have to devastate bank balances. That’s where we can help!

At Wetroomstop, we offer extensive wet room essentials to outfit your space completely and affordably. This includes everything from complete tanking kits, shower trays, and enclosures to linear drains and traps to suit all personal tastes, space constraints, and accessibility needs.

Contact our helpful team today to discuss cost-effective solutions that suit your specific project requirements. We make luxury wet room living achievable, even on a budget.

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