Upgrade Your Shower In A Snap With These Top Shower Panel Kits

When it comes to upgrading your shower, a full rip-out-and-replace remodel may seem daunting. Days or weeks of construction and no functional bathroom aren’t ideal. 

Fortunately, you can upgrade your space with minimal fuss using an all-in-one multifunction shower panel kit. These instantaneously transform plain shower areas into luxurious, high-tech sanctuaries.

What is a Shower Panel Kit?

A shower panel kit is an integrated modular unit that serves as a stylish, waterproof backdrop to your shower area. The wall-mounted panels feature components like shelves, jets, showerheads and controls built into a unified frame. Minimal plumbing alterations are needed since the kit utilises your existing pipework.

Shower panels merge functionality and aesthetics with customisable combinations to suit your space and priorities. Units range from basic to hi-tech, with pricing varying based on size, features and finishes. 

Premium stainless steel and aluminium panels exude modern elegance, while more budget-friendly acrylic or ABS plastic options still bring significant upgrades.

Top Reasons to Choose a Shower Panel

Here are the top perks shower panels offer homeowners looking to upgrade their bathroom:

Streamlined Style

Shower panels infuse hotel-style opulence with integrated features packed into a streamlined frame. Dual shower heads, shelves, body sprays and controls consolidate into one back panel instead of cluttering your space.

Spa-Like Luxury

Relax under waterfall shower heads, pulsating body jets and steam outlets built right into shower panels. These high-end hydrotherapy features will make you feel like you’re at a fancy resort rather than your home bathroom.

Easy Installation

Simply mount the pre-configured panel onto the wall studs or over the existing tile using the provided hardware. Next, attach the panel to the existing plumbing connections—no need to alter in-wall pipework. 

Budget-Friendly Upgrade

Shower panels provide an affordable bathroom makeover at a fraction of the cost of a total renovation. Plus, with customisable sizing from compact to spacious panels, you can find options to suit different budgets and areas.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Unlike separate shower fixtures, the unified panels limit nooks and crannies where mould and grime can build up. Fewer seams, silicone joints and glass panes make cleaning, upkeep and waterproofing easier in the long term.

What to Look for When Choosing Shower Panels

With many sizes, designs and configurations available, keep these key considerations in mind when selecting shower wall panels:

Check Water Pressure Needs

If your home water system has low pressure, opt for panels with high-flow-rate shower heads to compensate. Steam outlets also require adequate water volume and pressure.

Consider Extra Reinforcement

For heavy features like rainfall shower heads or wall-mountable seating, pick panels with solid metal internal frames for sufficient support. Also be sure to check weight limits before loading shelves with toiletries.

Assess Your Space

Carefully measure your existing area to determine appropriate dimensions. Factor in niches, benches or future accessories when choosing coverage. Custom panel sizing is also available for special projects or awkward spaces.

Inspect Finishes and Hardware

Premium materials like stainless steel, aluminium and toughened glass withstand moisture and everyday wear-and-tear better than plastic or acrylic. Check that all joints and moving parts operate smoothly.

Look for Safety Certifications

When choosing shower panels for your bathroom, it's essential to ensure they meet the rigorous safety and performance standards specific to the UK. Look for certifications that guarantee compliance with British and European safety regulations. 

A key certification to check for is CE Marking, which indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Elevate Your Shower Game with Wetroomstop

Shower panel kits allow you to reinvent your bathroom without the hassle or mess of a full renovation. With a range of customisation options, you can create a spa sanctuary tailored to your space and priorities.

At Wetroomstop, we offer a wide selection of shower and wet room essentials to help bring your dream bathroom vision to life. Our extensive product range, coupled with decades of industry experience, allows us to provide the perfect components for a fully waterproofed, luxurious yet low-maintenance shower space.

Speak to our advisors about shower solutions or browse our website to transform your bathroom in just a day or two!

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