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Wetroomstop shower base 900mm x 1600mm x 20mm with offset dallmer gulley

Wetroomstop Quadra Offset Shower Base 900mm x 1600mm x 20mm FastFlow Dallmer

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The 900 mm x 1600 mm shower base is 20 mm thick before tiling. Designed for level access showers without a step up. The shower base is produced from XPS foam and covered on both sides by a cementous coating and a reinforcing net. This surface is ready to tile onto. It's light yet flexible enough to absorb movement within the structural floor. 

The shower base comes with a pre-made fall from each corner to the drain thus helping the tiler. XPS foam has great acoustic properties and therefore is especially useful in the UK when you can generally here what's going on upstairs! It can be easily cut if necessary, say around pipes or other obstacles. The height off the drain is 10mm, however this can be extended to 17mm using the adaptor provided   

Tray size
Tanking kit
Drain Cover
Waste Trap

The 150 mm x 150 mm Dallmer gulley has an  offset position and is really easy to install. The K frame is factory fitted on the surface of the shower base and a stainless steel plate is factory fitted to the underside of the shower base to provide a perfect surface for the trap sealing ring to connect to. It comes complete with a standard stainless steel cover and a 5 mm solid stainless steel cover upgrade is available. If you are using thicker tiles an add-on frame adjuster is included. The outlet pipe is ABS and therefore can be solvent welded to provide a great connection.   

Data sheet

Drain position
XPS Foam Sheet
Fibre glass mesh & cementous glue.
4-way 2% towards the drain
Drain surface
From above (Easy clean system)
Waste trap
Plastic (PCV)

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Parts included
When buying our Shower Base you will also receive a special bucket with a Waterproofing Kit. With this kit you will be able to insulate and waterproof all your shower area and prepare it for tiling.

  • 4 kg of PCI Lastogum liquid foil
  • 1l of primer
  • 2 sealing internal corners
  • 2 sealing cuffs 10 x 10 cm
  • 10 m of sealing tape
Dallmer waste trap
Dallmer type 48 KE shower trap is included with our Shower Base. It featuers ball joint connector adjustable by 15 degrees. For more information and technical drawing please see Attachments tab above.

  • Top size: 150 x 150 mm
  • Frame size: 143 x 143 mm
  • Height: 105 mm
  • Width: 85 mm
  • Outlet : 50 mm
  • Base material: ABS
  • Base material: 304 stainless steel
  • Standard: DIN EN 1519
You can choose which grating you want with your Shower Base tray. We offer three different patterns to suit your needs.

This grating is stamp formed from thin stainless steel and features default well known stripes design.

This grating is laser cut from thick piece of premium stainless steel and features circles design.

This grating is also laser cut from thick piece of premium stainless steel and features stripes design

Dallmer waste trap

Parts included
Parts included with every Wetroomstop Dot Shower Base:
  • Sturdy XPS board
  • Integrated square drain
  • Drain cover
  • Dallmer shower trap
  • Wetroomstop Waterproofing Kit

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