Wet Room Shower Tray 800 x 1800 x 26 mm Quadra Offset FastFlow Dallmer

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The 800 mm x 1800 mm shower base is 26 mm thick and is designed to be tiled over, providing level access into the shower without a step up. The shower base is produced from XPS foam and re-enforced on both sides with a fibreglass mesh and coated with a flexible cement. This surface is ready to tile onto. It's lightweight and flexible enough to absorb movement within the structural floor.

The shower base has a machined slope cut into it, providing a 4 way fall from each corner to the drain. The drain is offset from the centre of the tray, creating a shower zone to one end of the tray. While leaving the other end is more of a walkway or entrance to the shower. This allows for the entrance to still have a gradual slope for water to flow back toward the drain.

The XPS foam has great acoustic properties and therefore is an excellent choice for showers here in the UK, when you can generally hear everything that's going on upstairs! It can be easily trimmed if necessary, say around pipes or other obstacles, or if you are fitting a shower that is not quite the size of the tray. The height of the drain is 10mm, however this can be extended to 17mm using the extension provided.

Tray size
Drain Cover
  • Standard
Drain Cover
Waste Trap
Waterproofing kit
Underfloor heat mat
Shower screen
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The 150 mm x 150 mm Dallmer gulley is integrated in an offset position. This means that it is 450mm from the short end and centred from each side.

Each tray comes complete with a standard stainless steel cover.

The K frame and stainless steel plate are factory fitted to the shower base to provide a perfect surface for the trap sealing ring to adhere to, making installation really easy. If you are using thicker tiles, an extension for the K frame is included.

The outlet pipe comes with a 2” BS ABS solvent weld adaptor allowing for a quick and secure connection to UK pipes. You can also upgrade to a 5 mm solid stainless steel cover, available in two different designs.


Data sheet

1800mm x 800mm
Drain position
XPS Foam Sheet
Fibre glass mesh & cementous glue.
4-way 2% towards the drain
Tanking kit
Drain surface
From above (Easy clean system)

Specific References

Parts Included
We highly recommend to include a waterproofing kit for every tray installation. 
When buying our Shower Base and choosing to include a waterproofing kit you will also receive a special bucket with all the sealing materials that you will need. With this kit you will be able to insulate and waterproof all your shower area and prepare it for tiling.

  • 4 kg of PCI Lastogum liquid foil
  • 1l of primer
  • 2 sealing internal corners
  • 2 sealing cuffs 10 x 10 cm
  • 10 m of sealing tape
Dallmer Waste Trap
Dallmer type 48 KE shower trap is included with our Shower Base. It featuers ball joint connector adjustable by 15 degrees. For more information and technical drawing please see Attachments tab above.

  • Top size: 150 x 150 mm
  • Frame size: 143 x 143 mm
  • Height: 86.5 mm
  • Width: 108 mm
  • Outlet : 50 mm
  • Base material: ABS
  • Base material: 304 stainless steel
  • Standard: DIN EN 1519
Dallmer Waste Technical Diagram
You can choose which grating you want with your Shower Base tray. We offer three different patterns to suit your needs.

This grating is stamp formed from thin stainless steel and features default well known stripes design.

This grating is laser cut from thick piece of premium stainless steel and features circles design.

This grating is also laser cut from thick piece of premium stainless steel and features stripes design

Dallmer Waste Trap

Parts Included
Parts included with every Wetroomstop Dot Shower Base:
  • Sturdy XPS board
  • Integrated square drain
  • Drain cover
  • Dallmer shower trap
  • (optional, highly recommended) Wetroomstop Waterproofing Kit
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    Do you sell the waterproof liquid separately. If so how much would 5 litres cost?

    No we do not currently sell the waterproofing liquid separately. You can purchase an additional tanking kit if you wish. It comes with 4 kg of lastogum, 1L of primer, 10m of sealing tape, 2 internal corners, and 2 pipe collars

    I have a 1300x700 area which I want to fit a wet room shower tray. Am I able to buy a 1400x900 off yourselves and cut to fit?

    Hello Luke,

    Thank you for your message.

    I can confirm that our trays are trimmable and there are several options for your 1300 x 700 shower area. 

    We can manufacture a bespoke tray to match that size exactly. It would take about 10 days and would have higher price but it wouldn't need any extra materials or effort,

    • 900 x 1400 tray with central drain, so you can cut it down to size symmetrically,
    • 800 x 1200 tray, cutting down to size the 800 mm dimension and extending 1200 to 1300 using tile backer boards, which are made of similar material to what the tray is made of.
    • If you can afford waiting, in my opinion it would be the best idea to go for a custom size wet room tray. 

    In case of any other questions I will be happy to assist. 

    Kind regards

    Chris 020 8145 4804

    Were do u install both pipe collars that are provided in tanking kit?

    The pipe collars provided with our tanking kits are to be used if you have water pipes sticking out of the wall for your shower valve. They are optional and only need to be used if required.

    What is the flow capacity for the shower drain

    The flow rate of the Dallmer type 48 KE shower trap is 40.82L/min

11 Reviews

would definitely use again, amazing product
By billy blake on 04/02/2020

A brilliant product at a really good price. Looks good and works very well.
By Edward Slater on 03/31/2020

By ADAM on 03/18/2020

many thanks!!!
By H. Robinson on 03/16/2020

Looks expensive
For the great price I paid this is fantastic value for money. It feels solid and, unusually, there were no complaints from the plumber who fitted it.
By Connor B. on 03/13/2020

Was really surprised with the quality of this shower base, given the extremely reasonable price. Hope it will last long.
By Leon on 02/26/2020

good quality in good price
By alex on 02/24/2020

Next day delivery, great!
By L.P. on 02/03/2020

Great value!
This is a quality product for the price. Now that it is installed, it looks very nice. Thanks! :-)
By B. Henderson on 02/01/2020

All the pieces feel substantial and well made and it’s not that expensive. Really pleased with this product.
By Evan on 01/28/2020

Just perfect
Perfect replacement at a good price.
By A. Gardner on 01/26/2020

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