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Complete linear drain set 500 mm

Wetroomstop EasyFlow Dual Linear Drain 500 mm

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For those of you who are only looking to purchase a linear drain, we can help you too.
All our linear drains are produced from 304 grade stainless steel. The drain itself has 3 parts: Drain body, adjustable frame and reversible cover. The drain is completed by stainless steel adjustable legs, a pre-glued waterproof membrane and a high quality polypropylene trap. The height of this drain can range from 8mm-12mm depending on the thickness of the tiles you have. Our linear drains also comes with a reversable insert meaning you can either have a plain steel finish or tile inside the insert giving you a more seamless finish.
Drain Length
Drain Cover
Waste Trap

We have sizes from 600 mm to 1200 mm in 100 mm stages so you won't have a problem finding a length that fits. The EasyFlow Dual drain can be used in wooden and concrete floors.


Data sheet

Channel length
304 S 15 grade stainless steel
Channel height
Total height
Channel width
Total width
Waste trap
Plastic (PCV)
Steel collar

Specific References

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McAlpine HC26 waste trap
McAlpine waste trap is included with every drain. It is a standard, heavy-duty, made in the UK waste trap.

  • Height: 61 mm
  • Water seal: 20 mm
  • Flow rate [l/min]: 26/50 (for a 15 mm/120 mm liquid column)
Parts included
Parts included with every drain are:
  • Drain body
  • Reversible drain cover (tilable/plain)
  • Waste trap
  • Sealing cuff
  • Adjustable legs
  • 2 allen keys for adjusting drain's frame
Reversible cover photo
Each drain comes with a reversible cover. It is your choice which side up you put the grill cover in. You can have plain stainless steel look or you can tile it over to make it look even with the rest of the floor.

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