Linear Shower Drain 1000 mm EasyFlow Dual

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For those of you who are only looking to purchase a linear drain, we can help you too.

All our linear drains are produced from 304 grade stainless steel. The drain has 3 piece design: Drain body, adjustable frame and reversible cover.

Along with the drain you receive stainless steel adjustable legs, a pre-glued waterproof membrane and a high quality McAlpine HC26 50MM polypropylene waste trap.

You also get a reversible cover meaning you can either have a smooth steel finish or you can flip the cover over and tile inside the insert giving you a more completely tiled finish to your wet room.

The height of this drain is adjustable as well, giving you a range from 8mm-12mm depending on the thickness of the tiles you are planning on installing.

Drain Length
Floor Finish
Drain Cover
  • Reversible (Tileable / Solid)
Waste Trap
Waterproofing kit
Underfloor heat mat
Shower screen
Product Code LE10D
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Our drains range in size from 500 mm all the way up to 1200 mm increasing in size by 100 mm increments. So you shouldn't have a problem finding a length that fits your application. The EasyFlow Dual drain can be used in wooden and concrete floors.

Its 3 piece design means it offers secondary drainage for the subfloor, if there was ever water penetration through your floor finishing.


Data sheet

Channel length
304 S 15 grade stainless steel
Channel height
Total height
Channel width
Total width
Waste trap
Plastic (PCV)
Steel collar

Specific References

McAlpine HC26 Waste Trap
McAlpine waste trap is included with every drain. It is a standard, heavy-duty, made in the UK waste trap.

  • Height: 61 mm
  • Water seal: 20 mm
  • Flow rate [l/min]: 26/50 (for a 15 mm/120 mm liquid column)
Parts Included
Parts included with every drain are:
  • Drain body
  • Reversible drain cover (tilable/plain)
  • Waste trap
  • Sealing cuff
  • Adjustable legs
  • 2 allen keys for adjusting drain's frame
Reversible Cover Photo
Each drain comes with a reversible cover. It is your choice which side up you put the grill cover in. You can have plain stainless steel look or you can tile it over to make it look even with the rest of the floor.
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    Do you sell the waterproof liquid separately. If so how much would 5 litres cost?

    No we do not currently sell the waterproofing liquid separately. You can purchase an additional tanking kit if you wish. It comes with 4 kg of lastogum, 1L of primer, 10m of sealing tape, 2 internal corners, and 2 pipe collars

20 Reviews

in so far as quality is concerned their is no doubt that the item is good, but I waited a week for the order, quite a long time
By tom on 04/30/2020

Exactly what I needed. No problems. 100% satisfied.
By Ethan Sinclair on 04/30/2020

looks to be of substantial construction not installed yet but think it will do the job
By scott on 04/30/2020

ideal for wet room, exactly as described
By joshua d on 04/30/2020

Linear drain
Excellent value for money compared to other expensive wet room linear drains, well constructed and simple to install and use
By Oliver on 04/30/2020

Love it
Excellent linear drain!
By Elise on 04/12/2020

Used in shower and fits well, the waste trap is really really great.
By E.H. on 04/03/2020

Good quality
Perfect does what it says in the description. Staff professional and very helpful.
By Joseph Knight on 04/01/2020

5 stars
Love these drains! Easy to install!
By ben on 03/21/2020

Great service!
I can only say that I have never received better service, thank you very much for help with placing my order, everything is just perfect. I really recommend.
By H. Chambers on 03/13/2020

The web site is very clear and the product is well described. The drain is solidly made. Next day delivery.
By Finley Whitehouse on 03/13/2020

Very pleased with the quality. It looks great in my wet room.
By Leon on 03/04/2020

Very happy with product, drain exactly as described, excellent ;)
By Tegan on 02/27/2020

By George Stokes on 02/18/2020

no problems with my order
By Scott on 02/09/2020

not ok
the delivery man arrived with the package when no one was at home although I asked for a phone call an hour before delivery
By Kieran on 02/08/2020

Ordering was easy, drain just as described, looks really classy when fitted to the new bathroom.
By Charlie Anderson on 02/06/2020

It's been few months since it has been installed. Looks and works great so far
By Lauren on 02/05/2020

Very satisfied.
By I. Thompson on 01/25/2020

looks great, Works great, thanks for quick delivery
By bradley on 01/20/2020

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